BARKING GOOD KENNELS - "Where the lucky dogs come to play"

Daycare Service Price

$22/day for 1 dog

$38/day for 2 dogs
$48/day for 3 dogs

We offer daycare everyday of the week during normal business hours

Overnight Service Price                      

$42/night for 1 dog

$65/night for 2 dogs

$80/night for 3 dogs

Long-term Discounts:

*10 night discount 10%
*15 night discount 15%
*20 night discount 20%
*30 night plus dis. 30%

*Our rates include GST

What We Offer:

We have an impressive amount of yard space for your dog to enjoy. 

Our boarding facility is open and clean. It is an old property and renovations are endless but we are always improving. 

The dogs are in a pack environment for a solid 8-12 hours.  

Our rates include any training your dog requires to be confident in the pack. Stress, anxiety, grumpiness to other dogs are no problem. We will have them relaxed and confident in no time. 

Many of the regular dogs have jobs that are specific to their personality. From guarding the pack to managing the puppies. Socializing with other dogs along with the added benefit of using their breed instincts for a mental challenge creates a happy, balanced dog.

Every day is unique and we stay flexible to each dog's needs. 

Our staff are amazing! They are really loving and dedicated to every dog that visits.

Providing optimal service to you, our client, is very important to us. We want you to have the best experience. Keep us informed of your needs and your dogs needs so we can honour your expectations. 

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