BARKING GOOD KENNELS - "Where the lucky dogs come to play"
Commonly Asked Questions:

If my dog stays overnight are we also charged for the daycare rate?

No, the rate for the night is the rate indicated and there is no additional cost for daycare.

What do we need to bring?

Food is the only priority, as we don't like to change your dog's diet. You can bring a bed/blanket if you choose but we have great beds here for your dog to sleep on. We have lots of bowls here and we don't want to lose your bowls ours so we ask that you leave your dogs bowl's at home.

Do you accommodate raw diet?

That is easy for us to accommodate for your pet. We ask that you do have it bagged or in a patty portion.

Do you separate dogs by size?

We do aim to socialize all dogs together. You will see all sizes and breeds here. The goal is that all dogs are confident in their pack.

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