BARKING GOOD KENNELS - "Where the lucky dogs come to play"
About Us

The idea of Barking Good Pet Services emerged in 2008 after caring for 3 other dogs along with our own for a week. I was impressed with how well it all worked and the benefits it brought to my family, as well as the visiting pets. So I made the decision to care for dogs on a professional basis and started Barking Good in 2009. It was a great decision and I gained an amazing reputation quickly. 

In 2011 it was time to expand and I went in search for a new location finding the perfect spot in the Springbank area. This location is a work in progress but with some patience and passion I know we will achieve our dream. 
Meet Coffee. 
We adopted Coffee from a loving family in 2011 and he is the first nose you will meet when you enter our property. 
Coffee is our eyes and ears and he loves his job of informing us when someone is here.   


Meet Rick. 
We adopted Rick in 2012 after fostering him through AARC. I fell in love with Rick and we decided to add him into our family. He is amazing with the boys and loves to chase them around the house. 
You will often find him whining at our door when he sees you or running up and down the driveway in the 2 acre dog park.

 My oldest son loves being a part of the excitement around here. We have built some special bonds with our 4-legged guests and our goal is to build a lasting relationship with you so we can continue to enjoy your pets' friendship.


My name is Crystal Evans. 
I started Barking Good Pet Services after the birth of my first son. I have grown up around dogs and always had a passion to understand their innate characteristics. 

My goal everyday is to find calmness in the group and to ensure all the dogs are confident in their environment. Every day is unique and I ensure that we stay flexible to each dogs' needs.

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